The Justice Run

Wellness and healing through fitness.

I can no longer sit and watch. I’m tired of feeling helpless, as if I’m too small to be heard. This defeated mentality is a part of the problem, and I intend to change that. Lionex Fitness is vested in being a part of real change, from a holistic approach, mind, body and spirit. With that being said, the outcries of the black community have been heard and on June 27th 2020, we will be hosting Justice Run. This run will raise money for Black Legal Action Centre in honour of all the black lives that have been stolen at the hands of police brutality, anti-black racism, and systemic barriers that continue to burden the black community, our community

We run for Ahmaud Arbery George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, D’Andre Campbell, and Breonna Taylor, to name a few of those who have passed as a result of police brutality and racism in this year alone.

This run is focused on wellness and healing through fitness, whilst peacefully disrupting the daily life of our average Canadians with the T-shirts all runners will be required to wear while running. To ensure the participants safety we will be running in groups of 10, single filed with a 2 meters space in between each runner. This run is not about who can complete the race the fastest but rather its an alternative protest, that is rooted in wellness, unity and love for one another. Lionexfitness is currently in the midst of organizing this event with a dedicated team of volunteers who are extremely passionate about creating a better world for future generations.

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