What does Lionex Fitness Offer?

Clients will complete various assessment for a full understanding of their health history and present fitness goals. Through completing their S.M.A.R.T goals, clients will undergo challenging, engaging and comprehensive series of workouts. Private session with head personal trainer, Melanie Bailey will bring the gym to you by demoing workouts that include, cathletics (body weight exercises), resistance bands, and dumbbells. Melanie is passionate about helping folks get to their desired body goal.



Enjoy the group sweat, with drills, circuits and resistance/strength training! In group training, we work hard to create an atmosphere that’s encouraging and challenging. It’s a team mentality and we’re in this together! Grab your friends, work peers, neighbors, siblings and form a group of 3 or more to access group training with Lionex Fitness.

These classes are exhilarating, and fun! Not only do you burn calories and get a great sweat in but you get to enjoy Lionex Fitness Dance Fusion Fitness. This fusion class consists of a variety of dance styles and music. Explore how music can inspire our movements, express our thoughts and overall heal our souls. Group Dance Classes typically run for an hour and can be instructed virtually.

Lionexfitness is here to support your fitness journey and wants to ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals. This is achieved through coaching that will assist you by conducting daily, weekly or monthly check ins, consistent motivational reminders, and in person or over the phone wellness session. This journey is full circle and it includes the connection between mind, body and spirit. Lionexfitness strives to address and support each of these aspects along the way.

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